Gabrielle Benuska

Gabrielle Benuska

Undergradaute Researcher

Contact Information

Office: (773) 702-7063

5640 South Ellis Avenue
Eckhardt Research Laboratory 108
Chicago, IL 60637

Biographical Statement

Gabby is currently a fourth year undergraduate at the University of Washington in Seattle and will be receiving her B.S. in Biochemistry in 2018. She began research in Chemical Engineering with the Lidstrom Group as a high school researcher and transitioned to the DeForest Group as an undergraduate student. In the DeForest Lab, Gabby has been investigating the use of light-programmable hydrogels and modified proteins for tissue engineering applications.


Gabby is currently assisting in developing a new generation of self-assembling nano-particles, specifically peptide amphihile micelles for immunology and cancer therapy applications. These peptides are aimed for use in both therapeutics and diagnostics, as they are able to bind to target cells and can be used to help develop a better understanding of biological systems and manipulate them as well.


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